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The Noir Album

by Big B and the Actual Proof

Currently in production
Big B and the Actual Proof are presently at work on their DEBUT ALBUM, inspired by the plot themes present in film noir. “The Noir Album” will feature glimpses of hard-boiled private eyes, psychopathic anti-heroes, manipulative femme fatales, pathological criminals, morally challenged victims, all in a realm of steam-filled shadows fraught with bad intentions. Relying on Mitch’s use of upright bass, Jim’s broad knowledge of swing and West Coast jump blues, and Big B’s extensive guitar arsenal, this diverse record promises to be lasting, commanding, and above all, cinematic in scope and feel. In two other recent game-changing developments, Detroit’s Theatre Bizarre Orchestra will also be adding their haunting sound to this unique project, while nationally-celebrated house soundman Peter Jay of Callahan’s Music Hall will produce.

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