Big B and the Actual Proof (2022 International Blues Challenge Semifinalists, 2021 Capital Area Blues Society Band Challenge Winners, 2018 International Blues Challenge Semifinalists, 2017 Detroit Blues Society Band Challenge Winners) are an inspired fusion of modern blues, roots music and psychedelic rock. Their original music features dynamic arrangements fueled by powerful, emotional guitar, clear, convincing vocals and a rhythm section that booms, rattles and shakes. Imagine Stevie Ray Vaughan covering Nick Cave, the Stray Cats doing Tom Waits, or Pink Floyd playing Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. 
     This emerging trio is led by three-time Detroit Music Award (DMA) nominee Brian “Big B” Burleson, ex-bandleader, singer and guitarist of former Detroit blues standouts Big B and the Magic Bullets. Big B has been playing guitar for more than three decades and brings a level of skill and intensity that backs up those achievements. Joined by Mitch Sharpe on electric and upright bass and veteran Detroit area drummer Erin Pitman (The Suicide Machines, Hemigod, The Space Heaters) this trio stands ready to continue their ascent to festival and club headliner status. 
     The band is working on their debut album due in 2022, mostly inspired by the plot themes present in film noir. “The Noir Album” will feature glimpses of hard-boiled private eyes, psychopathic anti-heroes, manipulative femme fatales, pathological criminals,morally challenged victims, all in a realm of steam-filled shadows fraught with bad intentions. Relying on Mitch’s use of upright and electric bass, Erin’s broad knowledge of rock, swing and West Coast jump blues, and Big B’s extensive guitar arsenal, this diverse record promises to be lasting, commanding, and above all, cinematic in scope and feel. In two other recent game-changing developments, Detroit’s Theatre Bizarre Orchestra will also be adding their haunting sound to this unique project, while award winning producer and GRAMMY© lifetime member  Peter Jay will produce. 
     “This album represents our own noir story of putting together a skilled team to pull off a ‘huge score,’ to unite all we’ve learned individually and execute this badass plan,” Big B has pointed out with a smile. “We have the blueprints, the firepower, and the personnel. Now’s the time to do this.”