1. Wooden Kimono

From the recording The Noir Album

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"Wooden Kimono", the album opener, utilizes an underworld slang term for a coffin as its title. Thematically, it demonstrates a common noir plot device: the main character is shot, poisoned, or stabbed, and has to spin his tale or exact his revenge by the end of the picture.


Wooden Kimono
Six in my revolver, three stuck in my side
Radio says I’m wanted, I’m more dead than alive
Tell St. Peter hold on-- first I got a thing to do
Before I’m through I’ll fit you
For a wooden kimono
We drank from the same bottle
‘Til you got dizzy with that dame
I saw Chicago lightning
And then I heard your name
You shoulda sent a stranger
Not somebody that I knew
Too many clues puts you
In a wooden kimono
Heartbeat poundin’, there’s blood when I cough
I’m a keep drivin’, ‘til the wheels come off
Can’t see straight but I still trust my aim
No need to worry when you’re at close range….
The truth is sitting pretty
On the other side of town
She’s counting up that money
Like I’m not around
Well let her count the holes
Where the daylight’s comin’ through
You laid out on view in a brand new
Wooden kimono…