From the recording The Noir Album

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"Horseshoes And Hand Grenades" owes its origin to a subcategory of film noir, the "boxing film" (think 1949's The Set-Up or Bruce Willis' character's storyline in Pulp Fiction). Musically this song is an homage to 90's Boston-based noir-jazz trio Morphine, whose unique "low rock" sound heavily featured saxophone. Big B and the Actual Proof enlisted the help of Detroit sax great Johnny Evans in recording this sultry, distinctive track.


Horseshoes And Hand Grenades

I went six thirty to midnight
When she walked in the room
The way your foot just has to tap
When you hear your favorite tune
Bad news was written on her
Like Louisville on a bat
Pinup curves beyond words
Take a minute, imagine that
A missing ring leaves a mark on a finger
Like a pale tattoo
I said, “Doesn’t it bother you that you’re married?”
She said, “You tell me…Does it bother you?”

Empty glass. Tight red dress.
I asked, “Do you wanna go?”
She said, “Hell yes.”

Lock the door and draw the shades
Horseshoes and hand grenades
Passion builds but then it fades
Horseshoes and hand grenades

I could have been a contender
I could have worn the belt
I could have had the feeling
I made something of myself
The bigger they are, they say
The harder they fall
Those famous words said
Before every broken jaw
Honestly, it only hurts when I breathe
Or when I think
Bartender, keep the glass and the change
Leave the bottle
My doctor says I need to drink

Alcohol and benzedrine.
Three hundred dollars says Round Four,
Goodnight Irene

Top spot, one punch away
Horseshoes and hand grenades
Take a dive and you get paid
Horseshoes and hand grenades