From the recording The Noir Album

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"About To Get Evil" is a song that Big B often dedicates live "to all the nice people in the audience." It details the severe change in temperament of a life long nice guy, who abruptly gives in to his most angry, violent, and predatory nature. Legendary Detroit guitar icon Jim McCarty plays the smoldering middle solo on this one.


About To Get Evil

When I was growing up my folks said
“You be good” So I always told the truth,
I always done like I should
While the others were bad
I did what I was told
And while they all had their fun
All I did was get old
Now I’m thinkin’ that it’s time that I took my fill
I’m about to get evil. Yes, I’m about to get evil
I always treated the ladies like a gentleman should
I never took what I wanted
when it seemed like I could
While the girls that I loved fell for other guys lies
I could feel my heart breaking
Way too many times
And I’ve had it to here with being good people
I’m about to get evil. Yes, I’m about to get evil
I’m gonna lie to some women
I’m gonna ruin their lives
I’m gonna make ‘em all love me
Then I’ll tell them goodbye
And I’m gonna squeeze all the owners
Of each business in town
And if they don’t pay me
then they won’t be around
And yeah, I used to be an angel but I took me a fall
And I’m about to get evil. I’m about to get evil
I’m gonna take what I want,
I’m gonna do what I please
I’m gonna twist a few arms
I’m gonna break a few knees
I’m gonna load up my gun
with those hollow-point rounds
I’m gonna need a few holes dug
six feet in the ground
And I ain’t doin’ nothin’ unless it’s illegal
Yeah, I’m about to get evil
I’m about to get evil
Look out now